Management’s Message

Management's Message

If your plan is for a year, plant Rice
If your plan is for a decade, plant Trees
If your plan is for a lifetime, educate Children

” M.P Middle visionary guiding lights believe that in education lies the biggest service to the individual, nation, humanity and the world. “

Dr. R.P Malik

"The aim of Mamta Public School is to provide quality education for the all round development of their students. The dutiful, dedicated & sincere attitude of management, teachers and parents have helped us to achieve our goals"

Dr. S.D Malik

"Dr. (Mrs.) S.D. Malik, Chairperson Mamta Public School is well appreciated for her foresightedness and her pragmatic approach. She believes that every child has a latent potential which must be harnessed to bring out the best."

Mrs. K.Dhawan

"The world is constantly changing but we are still connected to our deep rooted values." Today the world is witnessing a complete shift in all sphere of life, a transmission of all ideas, culture and everything.